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Häufig lese ich in den Kommentaren oder im Forum über Dinge die euch an Windows Phone 7 stören, schlecht gelöst oder einfach unausgereift sind. Paul von wpsecrets hat sich die Mühe gemacht die Kontaktwege zu den WP7 Entwicklern heraus zu suchen. Vielleicht bewirkt ja das eine oder andere Feedback wirklich etwas.

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2 Responses

  1. Strohmeier sagt:

    Yesterday i bought a brand new windows phone 7. 1 Day later i realise, that i´m missing a view very important things.

    What happend with microsoft myphone? All my contacts are in it!!!!!! I´m not able to bring these contacts to my new phone. What about the opportunity to sync directly with my outlook. This were the main reasons why i decided to go for the phone 7. Although is there a wifi hot-spot functionality. I really miss my old HTC HD2 with windows mobile 6.5…(it´s more for business).damn…should i change to android or the iphone?

    Whould be great if there will be some kind of developement

  2. Daniel sagt:

    Hi, i must aprove this. but there are several ways to synchronize this data, if you understand german, this will help you:

    i think you should give microsoft some time .. we all hope that the update “nodo” will give us some of this features

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